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Primavera - FAQ's

What is Primavera?
Primavera is a company that was recently bought by Oracle that specializes in project management software. Although the software is typically used for large-scale construction projects, it is also regularly used to monitor software & pharmaceutical development.

How much do scheduler’s make?
Starting salaries for schedulers typically range from $55,000 to $65,000. However, Sr. Schedulers can make upwards of $150,000+.

When was Primavera founded?
Primavera was founded in 1983 when it came out with a DOS-based version of the program.

What is CPM scheduling?
CPM, or Critical Path Method Scheduling refers to a sequence of activities that determine the completion date of a project. These activities form the Critical Path of a project due to the fact that the completion of each one of these activities is necessary for the progression of the project.

What is Suretrak?
Suretrak is a standalone, more basic version of Primavera Project Manager (P6) software that is easily accessible to the non-scheduler as well. For this very reason, it is often used in conjunction with Primavera Project Manager where superintendents will status construction activities on a regular basis and then export the updates to a scheduler. However, the creation of P6 has led Primavera to gradually start to discontinue Suretrak.

What is Expedition?
Expedition is a multi-user project administration and contract administration product that incorporates document management capabilities.

What is P3, P5, & P6?
These are the commonly used abbreviations for the different versions of Primavera Project Management software ranging from oldest to newest.

What is the newest version of Primavera Project Management? What’s new?
Primavera P6.2 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management. This version on the surface is nearly identical to Primavera 5, however large advancements in web-integration, including a web control panel for multi-user access, have been made to this version. It also is more stable than P5 with a lot of the bugs having been fixed.

How much revenue did Primavera have before being purchased by Oracle?
Primavera had around $180 million in revenue in 2007.

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